Laboratoires Coluxia develops skin friendly adhesive formulations, as well as non-adherent wound contact layers compatible with open wounds.

Our small flexible team, with complementary skills (chemist, engineer, pharmacist) has the knowledge on technologies and market requirements necessary to develop skin and wound contact products.

Laboratoires Coluxia has also access to the R&D resources of Groupe Gergonne, its mother company, as well as external resources such as universities or contract research organisations.

Our Research and Development activities are focused on:
– Formulation and design of skin friendly adhesive products
– Formulation and design of wound contact layers
– Addition of our customers’ ingredients into our formulations
– Coating process development
– Full coating or line coating onto a wide range of substrates
– Converting into plasters, patches, medical tapes, etc.

The products we manufacture, depending on their formulation and intended use, are classified as Drugs, Medical Devices (Class 1, 2 or 3), or as Cosmetics.