Slitting and perforating

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The width cutting stage enables us to convert large rolls into smaller widths, thus facilitating subsequent operations and bringing greater flexibility to the manufacturing process. Our machines can slit materials up to 1.6m at the entry and 12.5mm at the exit. 

With or without adhesive, trust us to cut your materials!

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Perforation & micro-perforation

Perforation's advantages are multiple: it allows fluids and gases to pass through, lets the wound breathe for better healing, makes the product easier to cut by hand and more flexible, etc.

Laboratoires Coluxia own machines for perforating polymeric fabrics and films, enabling us to produce macro-perforations (ranging from 2mm to 5mm in diameter) or hot micro-perforations (around 1mm in diameter).

While Laboratoires Coluxia has a wide range of raw materials, we can also perforate and micro-perforate your own materials. Let's discuss your project together!

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