Sport tapes

Laboratoires Coluxia develop and manufacture adhesive strapping tapes for health and sports professionals.

Popular with athletes, physiotherapists, doctors and even veterinarians, our strapping tapes have been recognized in the sector for many years for their excellent hold and support!

Our strapping solutions

  • Elastic fabric

    Elastic fabric

    Coluplast - For soft support

     For support of joint, tendon, muscle and ligament injuries or for difficult fixation of dressings/splints

    Excellent holding power for athletes

  • Rigid fabric

    Rigid fabric

    Colustrappal - For rigid support

     Firm support for joint injuries and continuous adhesive traction

     Excellent holding power for athletes

    Excellent resistance


Made in France French manufacturer of dressings and patches since 1926

For professionals Dedicated exclusively to the BtoB market

100% integrated production Mastery of each step: development, formulation, coating, cutting...

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