The cutting and assembly of self-adhesive medical devices are key stages in the manufacturing process, and Laboratoires Coluxia's production facilities enables these two stages to be perfectly synchronized. This optimizes our manufacturing processes and enables us to maintain responsive lead times.

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Laboratoires Coluxia are equipped with several state-of-the-art automated production lines. These high-precision rotary die-cutting machines are able to produce a wide variety of formats (round edges, straight edges, finger strips, fingertips, joints, crosses, rolls, bands, eye contours, etc.).

Our machines can cut all kinds of materials, kiss-cutting or die-cutting, in widths ranging from 1.5 cm to 25 cm, and guarantee parts that conform to initial drawings. And to ensure perfect control of production conditions and guarantee a safe and reliable dressings or patch, all our cutting operations take place in a controlled environment within an ISO 9 clean room.

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Thanks to a combination of distinctive know-how and high-performance production facilities, Laboratoires Coluxia are able to synchronize the assembly and manufacturing stages of multi-layer dressings and adhesive tapes, with up to 5 layers possible on the same machine.

In addition to different adhesive carriers, it is also possible to assembly different types of compress (absorbent, antiseptic, aluminum, etc.).

All our dressings are available in a multitude of formats and dimensions (fingertip, joint, cross, etc.). Whether you're looking for pre-cut, rolled, bandaged or custom-made dressings, Laboratoires Coluxia has a solution for you!


Among its many areas of expertise, Laboratoires Coluxia also masters the integration of ingredients into adhesive masses. We are able to load our adhesive masses with essential oils or powders in proportions of up to 10% of their weight.

Multilayer patches can incorporate up to 5 layers of material to create adhesive medical devices with different functions. Contact us to start developing your own adhesive patch to suit your needs!


Laboratoires Coluxia offer the possibility of rolling different materials into tapes in a multitude of widths (from 1.5 cm to 18 cm) and lengths (from 50 cm to 25 m).

And for tapes 100% compliant with your technical specifications, choose your material and plastic roll (neutral or branded).

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