Cosmetic adhesive patches

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Our adhesive patches make it possible to integrate a cosmetic ingredient in prolonged contact with the skin, its topical effect therefore becomes maximum. Muscle and inflammatory pain, anti-aging, insect bites, relaxation (including CBD)... the benefits of wellness patches are almost unlimited and only depend on the ingredients you would like to entrust to us.

Our formulations allow us to integrate one or more active cosmetic ingredients into our glues in most of the physical forms available and in proportions of up to 10% of their weight.

Laboratoires Coluxia's flexibility and responsiveness enable us to offer you clear deliverables at every stage of development, so you can control and optimize costs.

And because our service must be complete, we put our experience of demanding regulatory environments at your disposal to support you throughout your projects in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Made in France French manufacturer of dressings and patches since 1926

For professionals Dedicated exclusively to the BtoB market

100% integrated production Mastery of each step: development, formulation, coating, cutting...

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