Non-woven carrier

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The non-woven carrier is flexible, soft touch and comfortable to wear. This makes it perfectly suited to sensitive skins and allows it to adapt to every movement. The skin color non-woven has a zone coated adhesive for enhanced breathability.

Thanks to a micro-aerated carrier, non-woven dressings are highly permeable to air and moisture vapor. They let the skin breathe while protecting the wound.

Technical specifications 

  • Non-woven carrier
  • Biocompatible acrylic adhesive (zone coated adhesive on skin-colored version)
  • Various formats available

Available colors

Non-woven skin color

White non-woven 

Non-woven children's pattern

Made in France French manufacturer of dressings and patches since 1926

For professionals Dedicated exclusively to the BtoB market

100% integrated production Mastery of each step: development, formulation, coating, cutting...

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