White rigid fabric carrier

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Rigid strapping bands (Colustrappal) provide strong support and help to firmly secure a joint (ankle, knee, elbow, etc.) after an injury. By stabilizing muscles and ligaments, they enable a gradual return to activity.

This hand-breakable carrier offers high and long-lasting adhesion, perfect for rigid strapping. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of joint injuries. Highly resistant, it also offers excellent hold for athletes (rugby, running, team sports, etc.).

Technical specifications 

  • 100% fibranne fabric carrier
  • High-performance adhesive
  • Available in white color


  • 2,5cm x 10m
  • 4cm x 10m

Made in France French manufacturer of dressings and patches since 1926

For professionals Dedicated exclusively to the BtoB market

100% integrated production Mastery of each step: development, formulation, coating, cutting...

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